Common People Southampton 2017

Friends of Common People

Old Mout Cider


OLD MOUT (rhymes with fruit) was dreamed up in New Zealand’s Moutere Valley, over 65 years ago. The country has always been a playground for the naturally adventurous. Our passion and energy for life inspires us to create unique flavour combinations that take only the best from nature. Today we’re just as passionate about making cider and we’re bringing OLD MOUT and a little bit of that Kiwi spirit to you festival goers in the UK.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee


Local dudes Jimmy’s Iced Coffee are gonna be set down opposite the main stage serving you high 5’s and their badass Iced Coffee. They’ll be in their awesome van, grinning from ear to ear, so go and play. If you miss them, you can still pick one up in your local supermarket when your post festival hangover is unbearable.

My Coffee Station


My Coffee Station serve fair trade freshly ground coffee, their beans are blended to an Italian blend, perfect any time of day along with fine teas and smooth hot chocolate, from their classic character vans, as well as a carefully selected snacks and cold beverages.



In 1871, ice from the River Amstel was used to produce a refreshing, light bier for the people of Amsterdam.
Almost 150 years later, Amstel delivers a high quality premium pint every time.