Common People Southampton 2017



Or:la’s growing success as a dynamic producer and genre spanning selector has seen her gain respect from some of the most revered figures in the industry. A keen record collector with a vast knowledge of various styles and genres is what separates her from many other young DJ’s at the moment; aptly summed up by Thump as “One of the most underrated DJs on the UK circuit at the moment, and one of those selectors blessed with the ability to really tell a story.” Aside from DJ’ing and impressive production skills, Or:la is recognised for forming the forward thinking and highly successful ‘Meine Nacht’ club night, which was recently crowned by Mixmag as one of the top three events worldwide. A forthcoming EP coming on one of the most respected house and techno labels around this November, plus the launching of her own label; ‘Im Tanz’ proves how 2017 is only the start of things to come for Or:la.

Random Acts

  • Jam_jar_bar_2 The Jam Jar Bar
  • Chunky_chips Chunky Chips Wicked Dips
  • Sboat Scarecrow Boat
  • The_costellos The Costellos