Common People Southampton 2017

Spinney Hollow

Come and join in the fun with the Spinney Hollow team, make your own sword or magical wand using traditional green wood working tools in our 121 workshops, there will also be willow workshops, wood carving and lots more. Gather round the fire every evening and listen to our folk tales and perhaps even take part in one!

While you are waiting for your workshop, perhaps make a pancake on our open fire with Pancake Angus (aka Professor pangus!), or make up a little dance to show the team or sing us inspirational songs. Expect expert craft workshops, discussions and about dragons and beautiful camp fire stories!

So until we meet ask your self this question…… (perhaps the most important of your life so far?) are you a Knight or a pirate or a Wizard?

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Random Acts

  • Meactcure_fries Meatcure
  • Tom_sqaure_ Tom Odell
  • Happyaccidents Happy Accidents
  • Goldie_front_ Goldie