Common People Southampton 2018

The New Power Generation (Prince's Legendary Band)

If anyone ever asked Prince who the best band in the world were there was only ever one answer, The New Power Generation and coming from one of the greatest artists that ever lives, we’d say that’s high praise indeed.

The band backed Prince from 1990, on and off right up until his final studio album ‘Hit n Run Phase 2’ in 2015, helping to write, produce and perform some of the great man’s most innovative work, taking him down a much more soulful, electrifying and funky musical route than he’d ever taken before.

Prince, of course, tragically passed away in April 2016 and since then The New Power Generation has been dedicated to honouring the great man’s legacy, touring the world with a show filled with his greatest hits, it’s an amazing, cathartic celebration of one of the world’s most beloved musical geniuses and the band that backed him for much of his career and looks set to be one of the highlights of Common People 2018.

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