Common People Southampton 2017

The World's Biggest Bouncy Castle

Everyone loves a bouncy castle. That’s a fact. And we’ve got even more facts about our blow up bastion that could see us heading for the record books once again. Smashing an almost 20-year-old record and measuring a frankly epic 23.8 metres long and 20.7 metres wide our bouncy castle stands 12.8 metres tall at its highest point; the side turrets are equal in height to the walls of Cardiff Castle, making it taller than the Great Wall of China and roughly three times the size or the Berlin Wall! Filled with 1143 cubic metres of air it can comfortably accommodate 100 pleasure-seeking festivalgoers at one time.

Quite simply massive, it’s an inflatable legend in the making, don’t miss the chance to have a jump around on our historic bouncy castle at Common People, Southampton this May bank holiday!

Bouncy Castle Comparison:
Word’s Biggest Bouncy Castle:
Length 23.8m, Width 20.7m, Height 12.8m                 
Previous Record Holder:
Length 19m, Width 19m, Height 12m        

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